Updated on April 30, 2022

Essentrics™-Dynamic stretching, strengthening


Essentrics™ Toronto exercise pose

Essentrics™ is a dynamic stretching, strengthening program. The program is ideal for increasing mobility, range of motion (ROM), stress relief, relax tensed muscles.

What is Essentrics™

Essentrics™ is a low-impact exercise program. The program combines the movements of tai chi, ballet and physical therapy exercises to the rhythm of soothing music and songs.

The program builds toned and slender muscles while maintaining or improving flexibility and mobile muscles. Tight muscles are prone to injury.

Why movement is important for health?

Movement is important for maintaining health. Through slow, gentle, circular, rotational movements and stretching, we can increase blood flow which brings the needed nutrients for cell repair.

Simultaneously, the movements mobilize lymphatic fluids to circulate antibodies which are critical in fighting off viruses, bacteria and deal with cancerous cells. Additionally, lymphatic fluids also drain away dead cell debris.

So, movement is medicine.

How is Essentrics program different than other fitness regimen

low impact exercise program

The program focuses on dynamic tension in which, one would contract the muscles and at the same time stretch or move them against the tension. The self-resistance muscle strengthens various parts of the body and requires little or no equipment. If you have been doing a lot of heavyweights, high-intensity training with lots of impacts, Essentrics is a great change of pace yet challenging. Unlike ballistic training, the exercise program is low impact and has no jarring, pounding movement. It is a great way to rebalance you physically.

multi-planar movements

If you have been working out in one type of exercise or your occupation has you move primarily in a singular movement angle, it’s time to get you moving in multiple angles. The multi-planar movements of Essentrics™ help to counteract or reduce susceptibility to overuse injuries. The program works out the majority of the muscles of the body. It is a whole-body workout.

Improve joint health

The movements in Essentrics takes our joints through articulations in multiple planes. For example, in a sedentary lifestyle, our hip joints rarely move enough to stimulate an ample amount of synovial fluid production. Synovial fluid is responsible for lubricating the hip joint, as is all the synovial joints in our bodies, therefore, allowing the hip joint to move a lot easier. The more sedentary we are, the easier the joints recede to tightening hence, our tight hips. Essentrics™ promotes joint health by increasing joint mobility.

Flexibility and strengthening - all in one program

The sequence of movements progresses from one posture to another. In the same session, there are strengthening components and stretching components. Some movement sets in Essentrics can begin with a dynamic strengthening workout and later flow into a stretching pose or vice versa to the rhythm of selected musical pieces or songs. The movements in the program are designed to include both strengthening and flexibility training.

Movement to the rhythm of music

Music evokes mental states and emotions. Upbeat music rhythm arouses and has the power to induce movement while a slow tempo creates calming effects. In Essentrics, working out to music will help you get into the mood of the nature of the exercise. During the strengthening portion, fast tempo upbeat music and slow soothing quality will calm you to help you stretch more effectively. Having accompanying music makes the exercise more pleasing and enjoyable.

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